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Which Mr. Darcy do you prefer?


Who love Mr. Darcy? I do.

Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice is the dream husband of almost every girl. He is smart, charming, rich and passionately devoted to Elizabeth. Who would say no to such a man?

Matthew Macfadyen is the newest Mr. Darcy. He is really a good Mr. Darcy. He gives people the first impression of proud, which is the main description of Mr. Darcy.

Although most people like the Collin Firth version of Mr. Darcy, Mattew’s is not inferior to his.

Compared with the 1995 version, the 2005 version is more like a trendy drama. Keira Knightley is not my dream Elizabeth because her act in the Parates of Caribbean is even better.

Mr. Darcy cannot be found nowadays, I think. This is a real society, things have changed dramatically. Mr. Darcy’s straightfoward and proud is not pleasing if he lives in today’s society.

Perhaps Mrs Bennete is the most popular one..if they all still alive…who knows?



‘Aftershock’ was the first word jumped into my mind when yesterday I came across the third round of student protest in Oxford Street.

Obviously, much fewer students than the one on Nov. 24th. Students were also shout their slogans like “you say cut back, I say fight back!”, “no ifs, no buts!” and “we will fight and we will win, London Paris Rome and Berlin!”, but I have to say, they were on the decline.

Strong students

I saw some policemen, they were laughing. I felt strange and wondered whether there were too many people shopping for Xmas so policemen came to protect us…and then I heard a powerless voice “you say cut back, I say fight back”.

Then I realised that those tenacious students went to Oxford street to protest, again. Unfortunately people were busy shopping, no one was interested in them.

I was totally moved by them. It was raining and they were so strong determined to get what they want. Although fewer and fewer students were in the protest.

About education

In China there is a saying “never make a poor education, never let children feel in pain”. There are many problems existing in China, but I don’t think Chinese government do anything wrong on education.

China has a huge population, so it is almost impossible to have free education. But Chinese government is reducing education fee all the time. Most postgraduate students do not need to pay any tuition fee.

We admit that Britain is a developed country, but Cameron really is doing something wrong ove the education.

Vampire is really popular these years..

Why so many girls want to find a vampire boyfried?

‘Most people live for work, not work for live. ‘

I don’t know who said this, but I totally agree with him.

Why do we study? Why do we spent so much money and came

 to Britain? Most of our answers would be: because I want to 

find a good job in the future.

If we think more, what do we find a good job for? You may say:

 for better life.

Yes I agree. But is good salary equals to good life? I’m afraid 


When I was 18, my dream is to travel around the world some-


 in the future. But I went to university after graduated from h-



After graduation from university, my dream was still travelling 

around the world. However, I came to Britain and is continuing 

my study.

Can I travel around the world after my study? I don’t know and

 I can’t see any relationship between my study and my travel 


I keep telling myself: when you have time and money, you can

 fulfill your dream. But when? I have time after every time I

 graduated, but I always go on with my study.

Perhaps it is the problem of money..

I have to admit that I am live for studying now. This is true 

and now I cannot change it. 

There is no exact definition of ‘happy’. Money is not happy. But

 we are pursuing it.

Money is not everything, but without money, you can do noth-


Although Chenggang Rui said: it is never too late to earn mon-


Uh…is today’s tube strike the fourth time?

It seems that in Britain there are a lot of strikes, protests and demonstrations. Just like everyday meal, people have goet used to this kind of things and no one think it’s a news.

The government seems to be indifferent to people’s dissatisfactions. Like: do whatever you want to do, I don’t care..

What do they demonstrate for? Democracy? This word is out of reach in China, and, the same in Britain.

Nobody cares about the inconvenience brought by tube strike; passengers only say ‘fuck the stupid strike’ and then walk to find a bus stop.

Nobody cares about the reason of student protest; police only follow orders of higher levels and keep students and irrelevant persons(like us) from going out until midnight.

I read an article written by Robert Mccrum on guardian today, the title is ‘how the Harry Potter generation turned into a band of rebels‘ and I like it.

Actually I admire these brave students. They are determined to save money for their parents..if the tuition fee is paid by their parents.

Nick Clegg is doing something really terrible. Both to himself and to British people. Just as Miriam Skrentny said: “Nick Clegg is finished, no one will ever vote for him again now.”

Anyway, good luck protesters!

student protest

On Nov. 24th, student protest against education spending cuts for the second time.

I have to say, it is so exciting.

Of course as a journalsit I need to be objective because my job is to report news and let others so what is happening.

But when I see students unite as one and hear them shout slogans together, I was just speechless and can’t find the right word to describe my feeling.

Although media describe this protest as violence, it is not true.

Students want to go back home at about 3pm, but nobody is allowed to go out until 10pm. They were kept in coldness and hunger from noon to midnight.

Where there is oppress, there is revolution. Whatever the reason is, it is immoral to do this. Those who make the order to keep students, what if your own child was one of the protesters?

I feel bad. Cold and hungry. But I was lucky because I went out at 7pm. Hungry to death..

Well done protesters!

cover of the book (English version)

Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window is my favourite book.

It is the masterpiece of Japanese female writer _Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. This children’s book has been translated into 34 languages and has an excellent reputation all over the world.

Children love this book because they are attracted by Totto’s interesting story; grown-ups love this book because when finish reading the whole funny story, they always think about the tragedy brought by the World War II.

I first read it when I was still a pupil, and I still love it now.  The language used in this book is very simple because the writer tells the story in the toe of a little girl.

Totto is a trouble girl. Her behaviour is always strange. In painting class, she opens the desk for hundreds of times in just get something out of and then put it into the desk. So Totto is not a good student in teachers’ eyes.

After changing schools for several times, she went to a very special school Tomoe Gakuen, where she spent the rest years of her happy school life until WWII.

The school headmaster Sosaku Kobayashi is a nice children educator. His way of teaching is totally from other schools. When I read the book, I wish I could study at Tomoe Gakuen.

Totto met a lot of new friends there and nobody treat her as a trouble girl as before. She is totally accepted and her nature of kindness is fully revealed.

Children are born to be good. We should believe in this.

Prince William is going to marry Kate Middleton next year. Finally.

Wedding…really a nice word. All women are dreaming of their perfect wedding before wedding day and regretting about their marriage after that day.

So, this is really a unique day,ha?

There is a famous Chinese novel written by Qian Zhongshu, Fortress Besieged. In this book, marriage is compared to castle, those who are outside it want to get into, those who are inside of it want to come out.

Recently I am reading a novel about extramarital love affair. I have to say, it is really hard for husbands to choose between responsibility for the family and love for his lover.

I can understand why women are mad about their husbands’ affairs; I can understand why there are so many husbands are having an affair; I can understand why the third person is as hard as a nail to move away.

Actually men are really really single-minded. When they are in their twenties, they love girls of the same age. When they are in their thirties, they love girls in the twenties. When they are in their fifties, they still love girls in the twenties.

Of course it is impossible for any woman to stay in her twenties forever.

China is a traditional country, its divorce rate is becoming higher and higher. It seems that in developed countries, divorce rate is much higher than in developing countries.

If people are ready for marriage, they should be ready for all the difficulties in marriage.

If they are ready for all the difficulties in marriage, they would not divorce that easily.




Desperate Housewives...not that desperate..


I began to know American TV series when everone was talking about <Prison Break> in China.

After I searched on the internet, I became interested in two TV series, one is <desperate housewives>, the other is <gossip girl>.

These two attracted me because I was especially interested in female subject.

After having seen the first episode of <desperate housewives>, I was totally addicted to it. The stories of the Wisteria Lane were completely different from dull and boring Chinese TV series.

I still remember I watched at least ten episodes every night those days until I finished all of them. Then I decided to change to <gossip girls>.

If we say <desperate housewives> is telling stories of housewives, <gossip girls> is talking about precocious babies.

Gossip girls makes me feel desperate...

I was interested in <Gossip girls> at first because the music was good and nobody would deny that S and B are beautiful.

But then, I began to feel that this TV series was just the relationship between seven precocious babies.

A was B’s gf, C was D’s bf and C had an affair with A and then B found he was in love with D and after several days E appearred and C fell in love with her but E was in love with B then B and E became a couple but C was angry and he did something bad to B and E and F was A’s mother she was G’s lover once and B and E were brothers and sisters so they were really sad and…..

I don’t know what this is talking about…and why this can be a popular TV series.

Disaster! Like they are living in a mental hospital and everyone has some mental problems.

For three seasons, their relationships were like a cobweb, nobody never love someone. They were playing games and although some of their lines are serious, they are just babies who haven’t grown up but want to try some adult things.

Is this the real life in America? Then I should say China is too traditional..and which is good.

<Gossip girls> makes me feel desperate, but <Desperate housewives> is worth gossiping.

My design..not that bad ha?

Really interested in InDesign…just like I was fond of photoshop..

It is like a magic when you see something created by youself.

Satisfaction…although it is not that good.

But I like it~

Hope you also like it~